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Company Overview

 Today, the retail landscape is bursting with mass merchants, seemingly locked in a battle to offer items that are numbingly similar. In the beige conference rooms where these soulless collections are surely hatched, the notion of cabinetry meant to be handed down from one generation to the next would surely be greeted with quizzical looks. A passion for authenticity would confuse.

Well, we are drawing a line in the sand. We believe genuine quality and the artisan approach do matter and we think there is a small group of people who agree with us.

As we have sought out the finest materials and most talented craftsman, its been reassuring to find that this ideal is still alive.We are driven to bring our clients their dreams, whether it's reclaimed antique chestnut turned into that library you always envisioned or the gourmet kitchen designed especially for you.

If you share our appreciation for fine craftsmanship and find common ground in our passion for woodworking, we are confident you will find much to consider in our truly unique collection of products and services. And if you ever find yourself in Memphis, please stop by our showroom. We would enjoy meeting with you to discuss your cabinetry needs.

Bob Westmoreland

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